Monday, 29 March 2010

EASTER - Time for a break

Easter is always a busy time for us at The Malthouse B&B. Once Christmas and the New Year have passed, Easter is often the first opportunity that people have to take a break. We are already pretty busy over the Easter holidays but still have some availability. If you are in need of a rest and would like to check our availability please drop us an e-mail or telephone us 01538 703273.

Alton Towers and lots of other local attractions are open and ready for visitors. Or perhaps you just need to take time out and relax. Breathtaking countryside is just on our doorstep a perfect way to 'chill out'.

Whatever you do over the holiday have a HAPPY EASTER!

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Alton Towers IS OPEN

At long last Alton Towers has opened for the 2010 season!

The new long awaited ride 'Thirteen' is launched today at the theme park. Take a look at for information regarding the new ride.

We can't wait until we visit Alton Towers to take a ride on Thirteen ourselves. But as we are busy bed and breakfaster's we may not have time to get to the park until later in the year! Oh well that's life.

If you're planning a trip to Alton Towers and are looking for accommodation why not telephone us on 01538 703273 to check our availability.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010


Did you watch Lambing Live on BBC2 last week? We did and just loved the programme. Although The Malthouse is in Alton in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside and there are lots of farms round about we know very little about farming. What a joy this programme was to watch, isn't Kate Humble a great presenter!

This week we have noticed that there are lambs in a field on the opposite side of the valley from us. We can hear them as well as see them! We are busy making the final preparations at our bed and breakfast ready for guests who are arriving this weekend. Alton Towers opens on 20 March 2010 for their main season. Every time we take a break from making up beds we pop outside with a coffee to take a look at the Lambs. We can't help ourselves we have to get a fix now that lambing live has finished!

Of course we have our very own lamb here. Her name is Siobhan and just to prove we're not telling porkies, here is her picture.

She travels everywhere with us. This photo was taken on her latest holiday. We went out collecting shells and she stayed at the hotel resting! When we got back she insisted on having her photo taken with our finds!

Friday, 5 March 2010


This week the weather in Alton has been fabulous for the time of year. We have lots of jobs we want to do inside at The Malthouse but the lovely sunshine has tempted us outside instead.

We have washed our path at the front of the house and I think you will agree that it looks smashing. Anything outdoors that has stood still has been scrubbed, pruned or swept up. Our cat Smudge has kept moving just in case we gave him a spring clean!

Only a few days to go now before Alton Towers opens on 20th March. The first weekend that the Theme Park opens is always popular. Adrenaline junkies have been hibernating all winter and are ready for another fix!
Must go, lots more cleaning to do before our B&B is ready for guests to arrive!