Thursday, 25 June 2009


Meet our cats!

FLOSSIE: We celebrate her birthday in August each year, because we had her from a cat's rescue home during late summer 19 years ago. She's learnt a thing or two - such as how to cross the road. We believe her to be the only cat in Alton practicing the 'Green Cross Code'. She can often be seen looking left, right and left again before venturing across the road to visit "Auntie Carol" who lives opposite us.

Auntie Carol gives her really tasty morsels -fresh salmon was on the menu a little while ago. But horror of horrors - Auntie carol has just had a puppy! The little pooch is named 'Gizmo' and Flossie is not too keen. Will she brave the slathering beast for fancy food? We'll let you know.

SMUDGE: Another foundling we took in during the winter of 2007/2008. Black and white like Flossie but there the similarity ends. He's a bruiser and no mistake. An eating machine who's overtaken his big 'sister' in size. Mind you he has a healthy respect for her. She regularly puts him in his place if he oversteps the mark and dares to tap her tail with his paw or sidles just that bit too close to her. But he watches and learns. We think he's got the idea of checking out the traffic.

He's certainly very frightened of extra loud vehicles. The road sweeper came by a couple of days ago and Smudge ran for cover behind the dustbins. Later a helicopter flew over and he dived under the wheelbarrow so as not to be seen! Whatever will he get up to next!

Thursday, 18 June 2009


Many people visiting Alton Towers are surprised to find that it is located in such a rural area.
They sometimes assume that it is near to Stoke-on-Trent. In reality the theme park is around 15 miles or so away from the city.

The gardens inside Alton Towers Theme Park are beautiful and well worth a visit. Your Theme Park ticket gives you access to the rides of course but also lets you see the gardens. You can walk through them or travel via the Skyride. If you have time do both but if your feet are tired try the Skyride! The views are wonderful and should not be missed.

Alternatively the village of Alton where we live and the surrounding area are a perfect place to relax. There are plenty of lovely walks nearby. We like to take a stroll along the old dissused railway line when we have time. This is a nice flat route (once you get from our house down into the valley!) with a great place to stop off for tea and cake. As you can tell we are not serious walkers! For the more adventurous the Peak District National Park is just 5 miles away from us. This is a breathtaking area to walk or drive through.

Why not extend your visit to us? Returning guests tend to stay for longer each time they come back. Repeat visitors have a busy day or two at the park and then realise that they need to take it easy afterwards!

Thursday, 11 June 2009


This is our first blog
During the summer we usually have plenty to do in our garden. This year to add to the fun we have been having a dry stone wall re-built! The wall surrounds a triangular piece of ground at the front of The Malthouse, it was very old and in need of re-building before it collapsed. We have a picture dating back to the early 1900's that shows the wall. Lets hope it stands for another hundred years or so!
The work was done by a local professional dry stone wall builder. We are delighted by the result but absolutely shattered as we had to tidy up after the builder!
If you have stayed with us before I am sure you will notice the improvement when you next stay with us during your visit to Alton Towers.