Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Winter has Arrived at The Malthouse!

Like most parts of the country it's been snowing in Alton today. It's pretty chilly at The Malthouse but not as cold as it was over the weekend thankfully. It was -10 at 10am on Sunday morning - the -1 we have experienced today is very welcome!

We have been decorating inside The Stables today. For those of you who have stayed with us for Bed & Breakfast in the past perhaps you will recognise this building beside our car park. Very festive I think you'll agree!

Our pond is frozen over as you can see (or not as the case maybe!) but we have been down to check on the fish and all is well thanks to a kettle of hot water. Hanging on the pergola are some bird feeders and we've filled them to the brim so that our feathered friends won't suffer during the cold spell.

If you're feeling the cold we can recommend decorating to keep you warm!

Monday, 22 November 2010


Already exhausted from gardening AGAIN because it was a lovely sunny day here today! Too nice to be indoors (where we should be decorating!) so we decided to clear up the windfalls from under the apple trees in The Malthouse orchard and do a bit of general tidying up outside.
We have been selling apples to raise money for the County Air Ambulance and Local First Responders who are vital to us as Alton is in such a rural location. We have also been making apple pies -and eating them yum yum!
All our fruit trees look a bit sad at this time of year but the Autumn was very colourful, better than ever. Here is a picture of one of our apple trees taken this summer when they looked at their very best.
As we're not so busy doing B&B at this time of year we've had time to catch up with a few neighbours and friends at our local pub. We were all chatting about the excellent firework display at Alton Towers during early November. It appears that it was very popular and is sure to be repeated in 2011.
Anyway must go now we are BIG fans of Strictly Come Dancing and have an episode or two that we recorded to catch up on.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Have you missed us?

You won't have heard from us for a few days because we've been away ourselves for a holiday!
Back to work now after a well deserved break from doing bed and breakfast for others! But really we love being at The Malthouse. Alton is a lovely place to live at any time of the year and we're glad to be home.
There are quite a few things to do in our guest bedrooms before the start of the new season at Alton Towers comes around. March 2011 will once again see us welcoming visitors who are going to the theme park and who need somewhere close by to relax after a busy day out.
Must dash, many jobs to do and only a few weeks to get the decorating done!

Monday, 1 November 2010

Alton Towers Ultimate Fireworks Event

Looking for fun and fireworks this weekend? Why not visit Alton Towers Theme Park on 5, 6 or 7 November 2011 and enjoy their Ultimate Fireworks Event.

For 20% off ticket prices visit the Alton Towers website and purchase your tickets in advance.
As our B&B The Malthouse is located in Alton village just one mile from Alton Towers we're sure to see and hear the Fireworks. Can't wait - it's sure to be a fantastic display!