Saturday, 17 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Best wishes to all our guests for a Happy Christmas and a Peaceful New Year!
Here are snaps we have taken over the last few days inside and outdoors at The Malthouse.

Hope to see you again in 2012!

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Christmas has Arrived at The Malthouse!

With less than two weeks to go before Christmas Day we've been busy putting up our Christmas trimmings this week. There are now plenty of decorations and lights inside and outside at The Malthouse so we're ready for the celebrations to start!

Have you done all your shopping yet? We're pretty organised but still have a few presents and last minute food items to purchase. With not many shopping days left now we'll have to get a move on!

MALT TIP: A shopping list is essential to ensure that you don't forget anything. However, take care who looks after the list when your out shopping. Sandra is famous for losing our shopping lists!

Monday, 5 December 2011

Back to Work

Holidays are great but why is it that as soon as you get home and back into your usual routine you wonder if ever had a holiday!

After dealing with a stack of post, a ton of washing and millions of e-mails we're eventually straight again BUT not for long! It's time to dust off our paint brushes, find out our cleaning materials and get down to some serious work at our B&B.

It won't be long until Christmas is here and we've got lots of jobs to fit in before it arrives so must dash!

Thursday, 1 December 2011

We're Back - Hope You've Missed US!

Perhaps you wonder why you've not heard from us for a while? We've been away on ours hols BUT we're back home now. It's lovely to take a break but there's nothing quite like coming home!

Once we've unpacked our suitcases and the sorted out the mountain of washing we have it will be time to start back to work. We're hopeful that 2012 will be a busy year at our B&B in Alton, so to ensure that we're ready to open in the Spring we'll have to put our noses to the grindstone!

Many thanks to our fantastic family, wonderful neighbours and friends for taking such good care of everything while we were away.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Fantastic Fireworks at Alton Towers!

Tonight was the first night of this years Fireworks Event at Alton Towers. What a fabulous display we were treated to, it was truly beautiful! Congratulations to Alton Towers on a spectacular first night to this much loved annual event.

As our B&B is only a short distance away from the theme park we have a lovely view of the Firework display from our house. Here are a couple of pics that we took tonight.

The colours, sound and variety of Fireworks we're truly breathtaking. We're looking forward to seeing the display all over again tomorrow night and Sunday night!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Visiting Alton Towers Soon?

Alton Towers 2011 season ends soon. If your planning to visit the theme park this week take a look at to see if there is a last minute ticket offer that you can take advantage of. There are some great discounts on tickets to Alton Towers. The Fireworks Event on 4th, 5th and 6th November 2011 is sure to be fantastic!

Need accommodation near to the theme park? Telephone us at The Malthouse B&B on 01538 703273 to check our availability.

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Fabulous Picture!

Oh what a beautiful picture! Sandra was REALLY happy to receive this latest artwork in the post a few days ago. Issie was staying at The Malthouse with her family and said she would draw a picture and send it to us. The picture is of the Runaway Mine Train at Alton Towers so we're guessing that this was Issie's favorite ride!

Thank you very much for taking the trouble to create such a lovely drawing Issie. We're looking forward to seeing you and your family again.
Love from Sandra x.

Monday, 24 October 2011

Halloween Fun & Firework Magic at Alton Towers

There's lots happening at Alton Towers during the next couple of weeks. At the moment their Halloween Scarefest Event is in full swing and runs until 31 October. This is swiftly followed by their Firework Weekend from 4-6 November. You can save 40% on tickets for the Fireworks if you book online before 4pm on 26 October. Take a look at for further information.

Looking for accommodation near to Alton Towers? Telephone us at The Malthouse B&B on 01538 703273. We're just one mile from the Theme Park in the village of Alton!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Cousins Together at The Malthouse B&B

Sometimes we get nice children staying with us and sometimes we get VERY nice children staying with us! These four children are cousins and the two families were here to get together because they live quite some miles apart from each other. One of the mum's was celebrating her Birthday so it made for a really happy time for everybody. Their day at Alton Towers was a great success and we hope to see them on future occasions Birthday or not!

Sandra tried her best as usual to get the kids to wash up! NO LUCK! Here is a photo that the families were kind enough to send to us. Thank you so much - it was our pleasure to have you come and stay with us. A big hello to the children from Sandra x.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

40% off Scarefest at Alton Towers - HURRY!

The Scarefest Halloween event at Alton Towers starts this Saturday and runs until 31 October! If you purchase tickets online before 4pm this Friday you'll get a huge 40% off!

Look at to view the details of this fantastic offer!

Need a B&B near to Alton Towers?
The Malthouse B&B is just one mile away in the village of Alton!
To check availability telephone 01538 703273.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Our Visit to Alton Towers

We were finally able to spare the time for a day out ourselves this week, at our favorite Theme Park, Alton Towers! Luckily the weather was kind and we set out from The Malthouse for a few hours of fun! We're always glad to visit the park to see what's going on and what's new. We always find time to sample the food, this year it was fish & chips followed by doughnuts - yummy!

Here we are at the start of the day - can't go past the frogs without stopping because they make us smile!

Almost halloween, the Alton Towers Scarefest starts next weekend - can't wait it looks as though it's going to be REALLY scary this year!
Scarefest runs from 15-31 October 2011.

There are renovations taking place to the conservatory. As you can see it looks as though it's going to be fabulous when work is completed. Something to look forward to for next year.

We'd just been into the haunted house 'Duel' when we came across this squirel at the side of the path. He was chattering away and looking towards the ground as though something was worrying him. We stood looking at him for sometime but couldn't see what was bothering him. Had he lost his nuts?!

Here is one of the most entertaining rides to watch. Sonic Spinball looks and sounds so much fun. You can stand really close to the ride and get almost as much of a buzz watching and listening as you do actually riding on it!

Anyway, eventually we had to come home. We had a great day, always so much to do and not always enough hours to fit everything in!

Monday, 3 October 2011

Alton Towers Scarefest 2011 Starts Soon!

It's less than two weeks to go before Scarefest starts at Alton Towers! If you dare why not visit the Theme Park between 15th and 31st October 2011 and join in the fun. The rides are open every night during the festival until 9pm.

If your planning to stay and enjoy the rides in the dark you'll need overnight accommodation near to Alton Towers. Our B&B is located in the village of Alton, just one mile from Alton Towers. To check availability for a short break telephone The Malthouse on 01538 703273.

For full details regarding Scarefest see

Thursday, 29 September 2011

50% off Alton Towers Fireworks Tickets

If you intend to go along to Alton Towers for their Fireworks event you might want to take advantage of their early bird ticket offer. If you book your tickets before 4pm on Friday 30 September you'll get a huge 50% discount! See for full details of this fantastic offer.

The Fireworks events at Alton Towers Theme Park take place on 4th, 5th and 6th of November 2011. If you need accommodation close to the Theme Park why not telephone us on 01538 703273 to check availability at our B&B.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Alton Towers End of Season Offers!

Alton Towers 2011 season ends in early November so hurry and visit before the theme park before it closes for the winter! If you want to save money on entry to Alton Towers there are plenty of offers out there at the moment. There are still 2 for 1 vouchers to be found if you keep your eyes open when your out shopping. Or if you prefer you could purchase your tickets in advance via the Alton Towers website. The Theme Park website has plenty of money saving offers right now.
The Halloween Scarefest and the Fireworks at Alton Towers are always very popular. We have guests booked in to our B&B this Autumn that stayed with us last year to attend these events, enjoyed themselves and are coming back for more! If you'd like to come and stay at The Malthouse telephone us on 01538 703273 to check our availability. We're located in the village of Alton perfect if you've had a long day at Alton Towers!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Get 2 for 1 vouchers for Alton Towers at WH Smith

We popped into WH Smith today for a few bits and pieces. When we paid for our items we were given three 2 for 1 vouchers to save LOTS of money on tickets to Alton Towers! This is a fantastic deal if your planning to visit the theme park soon. It's easy, just bring the vouchers with you and when you pay at the Alton Towers ticket desk you'll get one person in free when an adult pays in full!

Don't forget to give us a call at The Malthouse B&B to check accommodation availability. We're just a mile away from Alton Towers!

MALT TIP: To take advantage of this offer hurry along to WH Smith as the offer may not last for long!

As always don't forget to check the small print on the back of the voucher as terms and conditions do apply.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Hairdryer Blues

We receive post most days, a visit from the postman usually means more bills and junk mail but last week we received a parcel that made us laugh out loud!

We'd had a lovely family staying in room 3 at our B&B a couple of weeks ago. When they departed we cleaned the bedroom and realised that our hairdryer was missing. This has happened before (and we're sure it'll happen again!). Guests are sometimes in a rush to leave if they're heading to Alton Towers for the day and pack our hairdryer by mistake. We telephoned the family and left a message asking them to return the hairdryer if they'd got it. The Mum of the family telephoned us to say that they'd found the hairdryer and would post it back. A day or two later we were surprised to get a second telephone call, this time from Dave the Dad of the family to say he had posted the hairdryer to us. He was full of apologies and explained that he'd not seen the yellow sticker on the hairdryer saying "I live in room 3" and he'd assumed that the dryer belonged to his wife and had put it in a bag whilst trying to help her pack. We assured Dave that it wasn't a problem, thanked him for telephoning us and said we hoped to see them all again soon.

We were busy and thought no more about the hairdryer until the postman arrived with a parcel a few days later. It was the hairdryer, enclosed was a lovely note from Dave and also a sign that he suggested we might like to leave with hairdryers from now on.

What a laugh we had! It's great to see that someone else has the same sense of humour as us!

Hope to see you and your family again Dave!

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Autumn - a great time to Visit Alton Towers

Now that the kids have gone back to school a mid week visit to Alton Towers is great! You should find that there are less people visiting the theme park so the the ride queues should be shorter.

Don't forget to bring a 2 for 1 voucher with you or buy your tickets online to save money!

MALT TIP: Plan your visit to Alton Towers quickly before the children break up from School for the October half term!

Autumn is a really beautiful time of year here. The countryside in and around Alton looks fantastic as the leaves on the trees start to change colour. Looking for accommodation near to Alton Towers? Telephone The Malthouse on 01538 703273 to check availability at our B&B.

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Save 30% on Tickets to Alton Towers Fireworks!

For a limited time you can save a huge 30% on tickets purchased online for Alton Towers Fireworks. On 4, 5 & 6 November 2011 the Theme Park will have a firework display taking place at 7pm each evening. The rides will be open until 9pm so you can ride in the dark if you dare!

To enjoy a full day and evening at Alton Towers accommodation near to the park is essential. To check availability at our B&B telephone 01538 703273. The Malthouse is located in the village of Alton just one mile from the theme park, perfect!

MALT TIP: To take advantage of this offer hurry, tickets must be purchased online before 15 September 2011. See for full details.

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Happy Families!

We have some lovely guests come and stay with us at The Malthouse. But just occasionally we have an extra special visitor! Back in July we had a smashing family come to spend a couple of nights with us. Now, when Sandra's gardening she loves some help and a young lady named Emma who was staying here with her Mum and Dad was pleased to assist with the gardening chores. Sandra and Emma got on famously and when she had to leave Emma said that she would send us a picture. So here it is!

Emma can be seen in the picture wearing a pretty spotted dress, Sandra is on the left of the picture and as you can see Emma noticed how tall Sandra is and what long legs she has! Also in the picture is our washing line (usually pretty full due to the vast amount of laundry we have to do). Thank you so much for such a beautiful picture it is now on proud display in our office. We shall look forward to seeing Emma and her parents again in the future.

Sunday, 28 August 2011

25% Off Alton Towers Tickets Offer

If you want to purchase tickets for Alton Towers online in advance of your visit to the theme park check out for a great deal on ticket prices.

If your looking for B&B why not call us at The Malthouse on 01538 703273 to check our availability. We're located in Alton just a mile from the theme park!

MALT TIP: This is a great offer but don't forget to keep a look out in shops and newspapers etc for 2 for 1 offers, these are an excellent way to save money if you want to purchase Alton Towers tickets at the gate on the of your visit!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Our visit to the Dovedale Sheepdog Trials!

Yesterday we had a rare chance to escape from work for an afternoon out - and what an afternoon it was! We took a picnic and went to watch the Sheepdog Trials at Dovedale, bliss. Although yesterday's weather forecast was not too good we're pleased to say that the sun shone all afternoon. So far the weathers been pretty nice today too. Alton often seems to get better weather than is forecast. What do those weather people know eh!

Above are a few of the snaps we took. The young sheepdog is called "Nellie", she wasn't taking part in the trials, like us she was enjoying a day out. Her owners seemed to be having a nice time too!

An afternoon at the Sheepdog Trials may not appeal to some. For us it's wonderful, all we have to do is spread out our blanket, eat our picnic and try to stay awake to watch the sheep, dogs and their handlers in action! We understand that the sheep being rounded up are "shearlings" this means that they are two years old and might lamb next spring. A variety of classes are held at the trials some are for novice handlers or young dogs and others are for experienced handlers with one or two dogs. It was all fascinating to watch and sometimes comical if the sheep wouldn't co-operate and went the wrong way!

Oh well back to work now.

Sunday, 21 August 2011

2 for 1 Alton Towers Ticket Offer

In today's The Mail on Sunday you can pick up a great 2 for 1 voucher for Alton Towers. This is a really great way to save lots of money when you purchase theme park tickets. There are two vouchers in the newspaper, both are valid until 4 November 2011 at Alton Towers so you have plenty of time to plan your trip.

IT'S EASY TO SAVE MONEY! Simply cut out the coupons on page 84 of the newspaper, present them at the Alton Towers Ticket Kiosk on the day of your visit, pay the full ticket price for one adult and get free entry for a second person. FANTASTIC!

MALT TIPS: Before you leave home don't forget to check that you have your 2 for 1 voucher with you! If you want to spend two days at Alton Towers purchase a Bounce Back Ticket on your first day at the theme park to get reduced price entry for the following day.

Need accommodation near to Alton Towers? Our B&B is located in the village of Alton just one mile from Alton Towers. Telephone The Malthouse on 01538 703273 to check availability.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Dovedale Sheepdog Trials 2011

The end of August signals one of our favorite local events. The 2011 Dovedale Sheepdog Trials take place on Tuesday 23 and Wednesday 24 August and we can hardly wait!

Sadly we were unable to go to the trials last year, it was raining heavily if I remember correctly

so we're keener than ever. We usually take a picnic and enjoy being in the countryside with lovely views and plenty to see - especially if you like dogs!

When we last went to the trials we purchased a photograph from a local artist called "pup in fleece". If you stay with us and you're in number 4 room you'll be able to see the photo on the wall.

After a busy time at our B&B during the summer an afternoon at the sheepdog trials is just what we need. It's total chill out time for us, all we have to do is spread out our picnic blanket, enjoy our lunch and then watch the dogs and sheep in action. It wouldn't be for everybody as it's not exactly an action packed day out but we love it!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

Happy Birthday Smudge!

A very important member of the team at The Malthouse has celebrated their 4th Birthday this week. Here's the birthday boy, our cat Smudge!

If you've been to stay at our B&B you'll more than lightly have met Smudge. He's usually relaxing in our garden or if it's breakfast time or tea time he can be found near our back door waiting for his food! I think you'll agree that Smudge looks cute but BEWARE if you catch him in a playful mood he might decide to snack on your fingers! We think that he should have been born as a dog because he follows us about outside quite often and is always keen to get into a car boot given half a chance. WATCH OUT if you visit us you could find yourself with an extra passenger to take home!

Saturday, 6 August 2011

Babes in The Malthouse

Since August started we've have had lots of families with babies or toddlers visiting our B&B. What well behaved little angels they've been! A holiday with young children can be challenging, there are so many things to remember to pack!

Here at The Malthouse we do our very best to try and help families travelling with small children. Here is a list of items we are able to provide:

Travel cot, nightlight, bed/cot rail, highchair, booster seat, child's cutlery, bottle sterilising and refrigeration of milk/weaning foods.

Of course you might still have the kitchen sink to pack and you're bound to come without something! We have been known to save parents sanity by managing to come up with a soother when babies own went missing!

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Bakewell Show 2011

A country show to entertain all the family 'The Bakewell Show' is on Wednesday 3 and Thursday 4 August. We're sure the 2011 show will be as popular as ever!

There are lots of things to see and do, a full day at the show is a must. Comfy shoes essential! Take a look at for more information.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Alton Towers All Time Greats Special Offer

Alton Towers are asking adrenaline junkies to vote for their favorite ride. The rides itching to be voted Number One are Nemesis, Air, Rita, Oblivion and Thirteen.

Which ride will you vote for? To vote see for full details.

In return for casting your vote Alton Towers are offering reduced price pre-booked tickets (adult ticket £25, child ticket £19.80) for visits before 4 September 2011. Take a look at the Alton Towers website for more information. This is a great offer if you're planning to visit the theme park during the school holidays.

Don't forget to look out for 2for1 vouchers, these are always a great way to save money if you want to pay at the gate on the day.

If you've not been to Alton Towers before hurry along now so that you can try out the rides and vote for your favorite!

If you don't live locally to the park you'll need accommodation. To check availability at our B&B telephone 01538 703273. We're located in the village of Alton just one mile from Alton Towers.

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Love is in the Air in Alton!

For those of you who read the last post on our blog you'll see that the tradition of 'love birds' choosing to stay with us continues! Love is definitely the word of the moment here at The Malthouse! Last weekend we had "regular visitors" staying with us who were celebrating their honeymoon (they got engaged here a couple of years ago) so it was particularly lovely to welcome them back again. This weekend we were delighted to learn that another couple had decided that Alton is the place to be if you want to propose to your loved one. We're pleased to say that the proposal was accepted and the happy pair are photographed below.

Many congratulations again to both couples!

If you want to escape for a romantic break away look no further! Don't forget we're happy to organise flowers, champagne, chocolates, balloons etc for you. To check B&B availability telephone 01538 703273.

Monday, 25 July 2011

Friends Return to The Malthouse

Here we are in the garden. This couple have become dear family friends. It was 21 years ago when they first visited The Malthouse and stayed here with Sandra's dad who ran the B&B at that time. They were then a newly married couple visiting Alton Towers, happily they return often so that we can keep up with what's going on in their lives. Of course they have a family now, they still enjoy Alton Towers so we're delighted to see all three of them.

Lovely to see you again and already looking forward to next time!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Sandra's Little Helpers

So, here we are, Sandra has finally managed to get some children to help her with the washing up at The Malthouse! These children came along to stay with us, armed with their own washing up gloves, tea towel and of course an apron for the youngest team member.

They came to Alton earlier this year and promised to help on their next visit. When they were here in April it was the weekend of the Royal Wedding. William & Catherine were made Baron & Baroness of Carrickfergus which is where the family come from. Knowing that Sandra is a big fan of The Royal Family they kindly brought a beautiful calendar with pictures of the happy couple with Carrickfergus Castle in the background. Thank you so much for thinking of us!
If you look carefully, in the background of this photo you'll see Smudge our cat coming along to see what's going on. He's useless at washing up!
Hello to three wonderfully well behaved children and of course their Mum & Dad! Hope you enjoyed the rest of your holiday and had a safe journey home.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Alton Towers Summer Spa Special Offer

If your visiting Alton Towers Theme Park why not extend your stay in the area and go to the Spa at Alton Towers too. After a busy day at the Theme Park a trip to the Spa might be just what you need! The Alton Towers Spa have a special offer this Summer.

For £59 you get a 6 hour session in the spa's relaxation rooms, a lime & ginger salt glow body treatment and lunch. Advanced booking is recommended to avoid disappointment. This offer is valid Monday to Friday until the end of August so hurry!

For more information see

If you need accommodation close to Alton Towers telephone us to check availability on 01538 703273. Our B&B The Malthouse is located in the village of Alton just one mile from Alton Towers.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Blooming Beautiful at The Malthouse!

After a few days of rain showers the sun has arrived in Alton again! Our hanging baskets and planters at The Malthouse are particularly beautiful this year, we're delighted with them. We prepare all our own tubs growing on small plug plants that we buy early in the year. If your a keen gardener you'll know what a lot of time and effort goes into baskets and tubs. See the results of our hard work for yourself!

This year we purchased our plug plants from W Elwell Nurseries in Cheslyn Hay near Cannock, Staffordshire. They were wonderful offering all sorts of hints and tips, needless to say we'll definitely be getting our plants from them next year!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Churnet Vally RailAle Trail

If you like real ale why not visit The Churnet Valley Railway on 22, 23 or 24 July 2011. This lovely railway are holding a 'RailAle Trail' weekend giving passengers the opportunity to sample real ale as they journey along the railway. There are a selection of daytime and evening events planned for the weekend.

Even if your a teetotaler your bound to enjoy a journey on the railway, the scenery along the way is just beautiful.

MALT TIP: Know your limit... A train journey with too much beer in your belly could leave you running out of steam!

The Churnet Valley Railway is just a short drive from Alton. Why not take a break and stay with us at The Malthouse? To check availability at our bed and breakfast telephone 01538 703273.

Friday, 1 July 2011

Gnome Mad at The Malthouse!

We love being outside, so we spend lots of time working in the garden at our B&B. This year we seem to have gone gnome mad! Everywhere we look there are garden gnomes! Thought you might like to see a few pics of the cheeky fellows.

The gnomes have even managed to put in an appearance on our wheelie bin!

You don't need to have a sense of humour to stay at The Malthouse but it helps!

Need a break? Telephone us on 01538 703273 to check bed & breakfast availability.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Roysters Crisps 1/2 Price Offer to Alton Towers

Roysters Crisps have a great half price off entry offer if your planning a visit to Alton Towers this year. Look out for 'Happy Days Out' promotional packs in your local shops. This is a particularly good money saving voucher to have if there are an odd number of people in your group as most vouchers are buy 1 get 1 free.

Don't forget to check the terms and conditions as exemptions apply.

There is another advantage to the Roysters offer, you get yummy crisps to eat on your journey to Alton!

If you have far to travel you'll need accommodation. Telephone us at The Malthouse B&B to check availability 01538 703273.

MALT TIP: If your planning to visit Alton Towers look out for money saving vouchers - there are usually plenty to be found. ALWAYS read the vouchers small print carefully to check they are valid for the day of your visit.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Well Done Alton Towers!

We have had great feedback from our guests who attended the Alton Towers Live concert last night. Everyone was pretty tired this morning but really seemed to have enjoyed themselves. Congratulations Alton Towers!

We hope that the Black Eyed Peas concert in July is a big hit too!

Friday, 17 June 2011

BMX Stuntastic Summer Event at Alton Towers

Visit Alton Towers from 1st to 28th August 2011 and you'll get the chance to see BMX bike riders perform tricks at the Stuntastic Summer BMX event! Catch one of the four shows taking place each day at the theme park -entrance is free.

Looking for accommodation near to Alton Towers? We're located in the village of Alton just one mile away from the theme park. Telephone The Malthouse on 01538 703273 to check our availability.