Saturday, 25 January 2014

Alton Towers Opens in Just Eight Weeks!

If you're an adrenaline junkie you'll be delighted to know that Alton Towers Theme Park opens for it's main 2014 season in eight weeks time! 
If you love theme park rides, you might be used to looking a bit like this!
Now that the Christmas and New Year celebrations are over why not book a trip to Alton Towers to give yourself something to look forward to?  With any luck come March the weather might have cheered up a bit, well it doesn't hurt to hope does it!

Alton Towers opens for it's main season on Saturday 22 March 2014.
Need accommodation close to the theme park? 
Our B&B The Malthouse is in Alton village just one mile from Alton Towers.
To check availability telephone us 01538 703273 OR look at our website you can book by telephone or online via our website.

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Geoff Arrives on His New Set of Wheels to Visit Us!

Our friend Geoff lives in a tiny neighbouring village just a mile away from us.  Most Sunday mornings he comes to Alton to collect his paper, then calls in to see us for a cuppa.
We've know Geoff for quite a while and over the years he's turned up in various cars, pickups and trucks.  Imagine our surprise and delight when recently he arrived by tractor for his usual Sunday morning gossip!

For weeks Geoff has been telling us all about the tractor he'd purchased and the work it was taking to put what was a bit of a wreck into good working order.  There have been plenty of ups and downs during the project with parts not fitting, oil leaks and lots of preparation to do before any painting could take place.  After lots of hard work and a bit of help here and there Geoff has finished work on the tractor, so quite rightly he couldn't resist showing it off to us.  We're not surprised that he's pleased with his efforts the tractor looked fantastic and so clean you could eat your dinner off it!  Not sure it will look this clean next time we see it as it's bound to have done a job or two!