Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Wonderful Washing Up!

If you've been to stay with us at The Malthouse you'll know that we're always joking with guests about the fact that they should stop to help us with the washing up instead of going to Alton Towers Theme Park!

Last weekend we had the lovely Jones family staying with us again.  Every time the Jones family visit there's always plenty of banter about the washing up.  Imagine how we laughed when the kids produced their own tea towels!  As usual the kids managed to sneak off to Alton Towers without helping wash up but they did leave us their tea towels!  Thanks kids!!! 

This family have a sense of humour, perhaps they think we should enter the next Olympic Games if a washing up event is added!

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Autumn Colours in Alton

Thought you might like to see the gorgeous colours we're enjoying this Autumn in Alton.  These pics were taken this week in our garden here at The Malthouse B&B.  There are so many fabulous colours to see right now, it was difficult to decide what to photograph!

This week we became tourists for the afternoon and went along to Alton Towers Theme Park.  We only had an afternoon to spare but managed to pack in a huge amount while we were at the park.  We had Fish & Chips, went on the Hex ride, watched the new Ice Age 4D experience, shot zombies on Dual, took a trip on the Sky Ride to see the glorious gardens, scoffed a few doughnuts, went on the new Nemesis Sub-Terra ride and then went home for a cuppa we were shattered!  Thanks Alton Towers, we had a lovely time!  

Friday, 19 October 2012

Alton Towers 2012 Scarefest

Don't forget that this weekend sees the start of the main Scarefest Halloween celebration at Alton Towers Theme Park!  This spooky event has taken place for the last few years and is very popular indeed.  The Alton Towers 2012 Scarefest runs from 19 to 31 October.  If you hurry you can save 25% off tickets see for more information.   

Looking for accommodation close to Alton Towers?  Our B&B, The Malthouse is one mile away from the theme park.  To check availability telephone 01538 703273 or if you prefer go online to book.

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Strange Wildlife at The Malthouse!

If you've been to stay at our bed and breakfast you'll know that we we have a pretty big garden.  Whenever we have time to spare we're often outside watering pots, cutting grass, tending to plants and occasionally (well fairly often if we're honest!) having a cup of tea!  For quite sometime now we have been feeding the birds that visit our garden.  We really enjoy watching the birds (it gives us an excuse to have longer tea breaks!) so this year we decided to add a few extras for them.  To try and encourage different types of birds to come to the garden we've been putting out a wider variety of food.  We've also made two window feeders that are fully stocked with food.

Here is one of the window feeders.   

If you don't have one of these bird feeders you really should consider getting one.  It took approximately three weeks for any birds to be daring enough to use the window feeder BUT once one bird tried it LOTS more followed!  Our window feeders are attached to our dining room windows.  It's lovely to enjoy a meal and see the birds swooping in and out enjoying their meal too!

Birds are not the only wild animals that come into our garden.  Recently we've spotted hedgehogs, badgers, foxes and squirrels.  We're particularly fond of the birds and very pleased to see all the other animals but since we've started to put out more bird food we've noticed more squirels too!  The squirrels are cute chaps and we know that they need to eat but we do wish they wouldn't keep pinching the birds food.  The squirrels are particularly fond of the fat balls that we put out for the birds.  The fat balls that we buy are individually wrapped in green mesh.  If the birds eat the fat balls the green mesh is left behind for us to throw away.  However, the squirrels often get to the fat balls before the birds and take everything including the green net!  We have a silly sense of humour here at The Malthouse, we imagine that the squirrels use the green nets as hair nets and laugh at the thought of Alton's squirrel population having perfect hairdos!

Now a couple of weeks ago we had a lady named Kylie (not Minogue but equally as beautiful!) staying with us.  This lovely lady has stayed with us before, it was great to see her again.  During Kylie's stay we stood outside chatting about the weather, garden, wildlife etc and we we're telling her about the local squirrels having hair nets.  We thought Kylie would think we were mad and that we might not see her again, so imagine how much we laughed when we saw how she had dressed one of our squirrel garden ornaments. 

What a relief it is to know that other people have the same daft sence of humour as us!  Hope you see this blog Kylie. x

Friday, 5 October 2012

Fancy a Relaxing Break?

Do you never seem to have a minute to spare?  Are you always rushing from one thing straight to the next?  You need to catch your breath for a while and take a break!

Guests staying at our B&B are usually here for a specific reason.  They might be visiting Alton Towers or other local tourist attractions, attending a wedding or catching up with family.  It is rare that visitors arrive to stay with us and have no plans.  Wouldn't it be nice to be away from home and just take time to rest and relax?

If you need to take a short break to recharge your batteries Alton where our bed and breakfast is a perfect place to stay.  Alton is a small village in the countryside of north Staffordshire, there are five pubs (a lot for a small village!), a Post Office and a General Store.  If a pleasant stroll is your thing you won't find a more beautiful place than Alton to take a walk. 

Fancy a spot of afternoon tea?  You'll be spoilt for choice of places to go for a cuppa!  Just down the road from us is the Ramblers Retreat, their deserts are just heavenly.  Or if you take a ride out you'll soon come across plenty more tea shops, pubs and restaurants.  Don't blame us if you go home having piled on the pounds!   

If you choose to stay with us for a few days and decide you feel up to a wonder there are plenty of interesting little market towns nearby Uttoxeter, Cheadle, Leek & Ashbourne to mention just a few.  Or if your a shopaholic and need a fix department stores can be found in Stoke-on-Trent, Derby and Burton-on-Trent all just a short drive away.

Why not indulge yourself and visit a local Spa?  Alton Towers Spa is just one mile away from us.  Also nearby are Moddershall Oaks and Hoar Cross Hall offering excellent spa facilities.    

Ready to get away from it all?  Telephone us at The Malthouse B&B 01538 703273 to check availability.  After a few nights rest here at The Malthouse you'll be recharged and ready to go again!