Sunday, 6 October 2013

Poppy Gets An Award

If you've been following our Blog OR been to stay with us recently you'll know that in June a new member joined The Malthouse team - Poppy our miniature schnauzer puppy.
All youngsters have to learn to behave, so we've been taking Poppy along to a local Puppy Training Class.  Poppy loves going to the sessions as she gets to meet other puppies and really enjoys the training too!
Last week she was awarded a certificate and rosette at Puppy Training.  Here she is looking very pleased (if a little tired) with herself.


We like to think that Poppy got her award for her excellent behaviour and hard work but perhaps we're just deluded owners!  Some days she is good and pays attention to us and other days she  ignores us and does exactly as she likes.  We guess all pups are the same!