Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Well, the opening of Alton Towers is just around the corner and the gang at The Malthouse B&B are already hard at work. My name is Bonzo Bear and I live in room number 1 at the bed and breakfast. I had been having a bit of a nap on my nice comfortable bed but have been rudely awakened! Here I am in my best bib and tucker waiting for the visitors to arrive!

They've decided to start work in MY room. Yesterday I was just minding my own business when the bedroom door was flung open and in they came carrying enough cleaning materials to tackle the Titanic! My life has become unbearable ( get it, unBEARable!) the room isn't the only thing being cleaned and Alton Towers isn't the only place to have rides! Yesterday I was forced to go on a couple of rides myself. I've been told the first one is called a washing machine! It was awful - the soap got in my eyes and I was spun round so fast I lost my bow tie! Mind you the next ride they put my in was not so bad, it was lovely and warm in the tumble dryer and I don't half smell nice!

Shall I see you this year? Or perhaps you will visit one of my neighbours. There's Millie in room number 4 (a real cutie!) or maybe you will stay with Nasher in room 7, he's a bit of a menace though! Perhaps you fancy a trot with Polo or Lollipop in The Stables.

Here is a picture of me with all of my friends.

Some of my friends rooms rooms have already been cleaned, so most of them are already spruced up and raring to go. See you soon, lots of love from Bonzo xxx