Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Gorgeous Lambs!

If you've read our blog before you'll know that as well as being 'Bird Bonkers' we're 'Lamb Lovers'!   A few days ago we were working in our garden at The Malthouse and heard an unmistakable noise.  It was the sound of ewes and their lambs being let out into a field on the opposite side of the valley from us.  The noise was so beautiful that we stopped working for a while and just took in the sights and sounds of the sheep, it was lovely!
The next day we couldn't resist taking a short walk up to the field to see if we could get a better look at the sheep.  There is a public footpath that crosses the field so we were able to get these close up pictures of the new arrivals with their mums.  Gorgeous I'm sure you'll agree! 


To avoid causing the animals unnecessary stress we only stayed in the field for a couple of minutes before tearing ourselves away.  If you're coming to stay at our B&B soon be sure to bring your camera.  Spring has eventually arrived here in Alton so there are plenty of super photo's to be had!

Need a Spring Break?  Take a look at our website you can send us an email or book online.  Like to book by phone or have any questions?  Why not telephone us 01538 703273 it's good to talk!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

The Malthouse B&B - Charity Update

Our bed and breakfast is located in the beautiful village of Alton in Staffordshire.  We really love living in the countryside and all the guests that come to stay with us seem to enjoy it too!

There is a downside though to living in a rural place.  If there is an emergency and medical attention is needed it can take a while for assistance to arrive but thanks to two local charities help is at hand. 

We are extremely lucky to we have a wonderful team of  'Community First Responders'  based just up the road from us at Alton Towers.  Locally if 999 is dialled the First Responders often arrive within a few minutes to start giving aid before an ambulance comes.

Sometimes an accident can occur in a place that it is difficult to get to by ambulance.  Or a patient might need to be taken to hospital very quickly.  On these occasions the County Air Ambulance might be needed.    

The service that the Community First Responders and the County Air Ambulance offer is invaluable to people in a rural location.  For this reason we have been supporting both of these charities for a number of years. 

If you come to stay here at The Malthouse you'll find a charity box for each of these very worthy causes in our hallway.  Recently the boxes were emptied and we are pleased to report that there was in excess of £100 in each box.   

We shall carry on supporting these charities and wish the County Air Ambulance and the
Community First Responders continued success.     

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

2 for 1 Alton Towers Tickets with O2 Moments

If your an O2 customer and coming along to Alton Towers Theme Park why not take a look at
O2 Moments to see if you can use their 2 for 1 ticket offer.
Need accommodation near to Alton Towers?  We are just one mile away!
To book or make an enquiry at The Malthouse B&B telephone 01538 703273, email or visit our website we're waiting to hear from you!

Hurry!  This offer is only valid for visits to Alton Towers before 31 May 2013.
O2 may not list the offer for much longer so if your interested move it!
As always please check the small print!

Monday, 1 April 2013

It's Cool but Dry!

Hope you've had a Happy Easter! 
Now that April has started we're hoping for some better weather. 
This weeks weather forecast for Alton is cool but dry, great no snow!
If you're coming to stay here at The Malthouse in the next few days make absolutely sure you pack plenty of warm clothes. 
Guests staying at our B&B in the last day or two have reported that they've managed to stay nice and warm by wrapping up well.  Sensible people - it's been pretty chilly!
MALT TIP - Don't forget to pack:
Long Johns - we kid you not!
Lots of layers of warm clothes
Winter Coats
Ear Muffs (cute)
Sunglasses - believe it or not we've had some cold but very sunny weather.
Winter woollies may not be the height of fashion but at least you'll be cosy.  A reindeer jumper in April may look odd but as long as you're warm who cares! 
Hope you like this photograph of The Malthouse. 
It was taken recently by local photographer Russ Brierley.  A lovely shot - thanks Russ! 
If you're coming to stay with us you might like to purchase a postcard of this photograph. 
Send the postcard to a friend or keep it as a memento of your visit!

Want to check our availability?  Telephone The Malthouse Bed & Breakfast on 01538 703273 as you'll know if you've stayed with us before - we love to chat!

PS: How many Easter Eggs did you get?  Lots we hope!